The virtual switchboards or PBX are a telephony service in the cloud that uses IP technology. These services are provided by supplier companies which deal in IP phones and give us the opportunity to turn our company into a true call center without having to make a large investment. Thanks to this type of technology we can unify all our telephone lines, even if they are geographically separated. In addition, it also allows us to add other types of services such as Internet access, e-mail, customer service through social networks, etc. Thus, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of each company are the main characteristics of virtual switchboards. To which are added the many benefits that come with it. 

Cost Reduction

At the time of starting up a switchboard in our company, a virtual switchboard will always have a lower cost. Unlike physical ones, which require a large initial expense for installation, virtual ones are much cheaper. The reason for this is that the virtual service means that we do not need to have large teams. The latter will be at the provider’s facilities and we can connect to them remotely. In addition, they also mean savings in maintenance, as the service is continuously reviewed by the operator. This is a service that is usually included within the monthly installments, without having to make extra expenses.

Greater Mobility and Geographic Flexibility

In the case of having offices in different regions or countries, the virtual switchboard allows unifying all communications. For this, it will not be necessary to install a switchboard in each one of its delegations, but it will be enough to open lines in these. In addition, workers can continue doing their work from anywhere in the world, because if they are out of the country, they can continue to be connected with IP mobile phones. To all this is added the possibility of getting local numbers in places where our business is not physically located, thus creating a virtual office with which to give our customers a greater sense of closeness.

Greater Number of Benefits

PBX offer endless possibilities when working with technology connected to the Internet. To the traditional telephone calls are added other services such as email, video-call, chat and social networks. New forms of communication that have become habitual in our days and that we should not ignore in our businesses. Also, if our company grows, it is very easy to expand our services. Adding new sites or lines does not mean having to put in any type of installation since everything goes to a central headquarters to which the rest are connected in a virtual way.

Possibility of Personalization

The virtual switchboards can also be customized. These have a wide variety of functions, among which it is possible to choose those that best meet our needs or the image we want to give our company. For this, we can choose between different qualities of sounds, melodies for waiting times, automatic operators, call recording, customer queues, etc.

Continuous Update

The virtual switchboards, depending on the supplier’s central facilities, are always in the process of being updated, so they are hardly obsolete. The platforms are constantly revised and updated, offering new features and better service at all times. These updates come to us automatically and are usually included in the fee we pay for the service, so it is not necessary to make any type of investment to renew or modernize our switchboard.


The advantages of virtual PBX switchboards implementation come from the more visible advantages of VoIP technology, such as lower values for long-distance calls as well as services that increase productivity.


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