The year 2017 is full of great advancement in technology and super intelligent products; tools, equipment, smartphones, and guess what, Smart Home Devices are not left out. All homes crave for the ability to have full and easy control over their devices, however, only the smart devices can perform this function and there is a whole lot of them out there.

As we all seek to make our tasks easier through smart devices, we need to know the best of them all, their features, functionality, and connectivity. Additionally, it is important to watch out for an authentic type and be careful to purchase them from a legitimate store.

Smart home devices are usually connected with an app on a smart device to have better access and completely extended control as desired. Some of them make use of the Bluetooth and some WI-FI. Begin to enjoy the following smart home exquisite devices that have been orchestrated to suit your smart devices (Phone and tabs) for control.

  1. Home Assistants (Voice-Activated)

Having desired to get started with an easy going performance of tasks at home, a home assistant that is voice controlled is the principal thing. With this smart device, you can make research online, order for different goods and products, and perform much more tasks. This smart device is very easy to purchase, as some commonly used types include. Samsung Smart Things,   Apple Home, The Amazon Echo, Google Home, Lenovo Smart Assistant, Zenbo, Ainemo’s Family Robot, and L.U.C.Y.

  1. Light Bulbs (Smart LED)

Lightning is essential in every home, often time; the stress of going through the switch directly might be quite exhausting. With this smart home product, you can schedule your light bulbs, dim and brighten it up, and switch off/on your light bulb. Some of the smart home light bulbs you can trust include. Cree Connected LED Bulb, Philips Hue, TikTeck Smart LED Light Bulb, Koogeek Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Light Bulb and much more.

  1. Doorbells (Video)

This smart home product allows you to quickly see whosoever is at your door via the app that is connected to the doorbell. You can also speak with the person present in front of your door while you are still far away from home. This becomes easier when the camera becomes automatically activated. whenever there is a close movement around the door post. Some of the most popularly used smart doorbells devices include. OneByOne Video Intercom, Lerway Video Doorbell, August Doorbell Cam, VTech Video Doorbell, Skybell, Ring Doorbell, and much more.

  1. Smart-Locks

All the above-named products enhance the measures to be taken as a precaution against delay, ignorance, and stress. In the same manner, smart locks are a great precaution against theft. As you make use of the smart lock, you have the access to lock and unlock your door via the app on your device. You don’t need to worry about forgetting your keys anymore.

  1. Improved Smart Plug (Wi-Fi Enabled)

smart home product

Koogeek smart plug is another smart product that is compactable with both the Android and iOS devices. It is composed of an AC outlet and has the LED night light that is directly responsive to Siri. You can make us of the Koogeek app to easily monitor, schedule and control any device that is connected with it.