best android browser

If you want to experience high-speed internet connectivity out of your Android device, you need to go ahead and download the best Android browser. The default web browser that comes along with your device is a basic one and you will not be able to experience any advanced functionality out of it. Hence, you will get the need to download and use a third-party web browser.

Here are 10 of the best Android web browsers that you can get for your Android device in 2018.

  1. Samsung Internet Browser Beta


Samsung Internet Browser Beta can be considered as an intelligent browser available for you to download to your computer. This is a decent looking app. However, it offers advanced features to the users such as plug-ins, swipe gestures and a quick menu. You will be able to enhance your internet browsing experience with the assistance of plug-ins. For example, there is a possibility for you to block advertisements by installing an appropriate plug-in.

  1. Opera


Opera can be considered as one of the oldest web browsers in the world. It was available for Android devices since the beginning. However, this browse got advanced along with time and you will be able to experience a variety of benefits. One of the main reasons why people go for Opera browser is that they will be able to save data. If you are browsing the internet with a limited data connection, you would love this option. If you want a lightweight option, you can go ahead with Opera Mini.

Opera-Browser – News & Suche
Opera-Browser – News & Suche
Developer: Opera
Price: Free
  1. Naked Browser


If you are looking for a lightweight browser, Naked Browser is the best Android browser available to be downloaded. One of the key features that you can find in this app is simplicity. Due to the simplicity, you will not be able to find any advanced functionalities in it. However, you will be able to access some of the basic features such as history, bookmarks, and shortcuts with the help of this app. This app will load on your Android device within a short period of time as well.

  1. Lightning Browser


Lightning Browser has the ability to deliver a lightweight internet browsing experience to you. It is paired with a simple design as well. Hence, it wouldn’t take a long period of time for you to get used to this Android browser. Some of the most impressive features that you will be able to receive from Lightning Browser include theming and ad blocking. You will also be able to use this Android browser along with Tor Proxy.

Lightning Web Browser +
Lightning Web Browser +
Developer: Anthony Restaino
Price: 1,60 €
  1. Google Chrome


Google Chrome can be considered as the most popular Android web browser. Most of the people get Google Chrome pre-installed along with their Android devices. The newest material provided along with Google Chrome has contributed a lot towards its popularity. If you are a person who is interested in trying the latest features released along with the browser, you can go ahead and download the best version of it.

Google Chrome: Sicher surfen
Google Chrome: Sicher surfen
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
  1. Flynx


Flynx is a unique web browser. That’s mainly because this web browser is based on a floating window. If you want to browse a website quickly, this is the perfect Android browser to be used. In addition, Flynx browser would not tempt you to leave the app that you are using. Once you click a link, Flynx would open up a small bubble on the screen and display the content to you.

Flynx - Read the web smartly
Flynx - Read the web smartly
  1. Firefox Browser


Firefox is another hot favorite and best Android browser available for the people to download and use. It can be considered as one of the most stable internet browsers. You will also be able to receive an array of exciting features with the help of Firefox Browser. Some of the most outstanding capabilities that you can see in Firefox Browser include privacy features, desktop synchronization, Chromecast compatibility and quick sharing. This powerful internet browser is available for you to use freely.

Firefox: privat+sicher surfen
Firefox: privat+sicher surfen
Developer: Mozilla
Price: Free
  1. Dolphin Browser


Dolphin Browser is an innovative internet browser available for you to use. It comes along with a large number of innovative features, which you cannot find in traditional web browsers. Some of the innovative features that you can see in Dolphin Browser include ad-blocking, flash support, theming and incognito mode. You will also be able to enable gesture controls in Dolphin Browser and take your experience to a whole new level. This app is in a position to cover most of the bases among Android web browsers.

  1. Chromer


Chromer is another unique app available for the individuals who prefer to get hold of the best Android browser. At a first glance, you would realize that Chromer is not functioning like a traditional web browser. Instead, this browser works as a launcher of the Chrome custom tabs. It has the ability to hijack URLs and open them within standalone custom Google Chrome tabs. If you already have Google Chrome installed on your Android device and if you want to unlock the full potential of it, Chromer is an ideal app available for you to move forward with.

Chromer - Browser
Chromer - Browser
Developer: Arunkumar
Price: Free+
  1. Brave Browser


Brave Browser can be considered as one of the newest Android browsers available for the people to use. It was released back in 2016 and has maintained an excellent reputation since then. Hence, it was able to become a trending web browser as well. The most impressive features that you can find in Brave Browser is its ability to block scripts, block third-party cookies and enable HTTPS everywhere. It also comes along with per-site settings. Therefore, you will get the opportunity to configure your Best Android browser according to your own preferences.

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker
Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker