best battery saver apps

Are you tired of low phone battery? We bring 10 best battery saver apps for your android phone.

Imagine this scenario: you’ve had a long day at work. You need to make supper, do some laundry, and wash the dishes—but before you do that, you’d like just a little moment of peace, and so you open your phone, ready to browse the Internet for a few restful moments. And that’s when you realize something: your phone is dead. Why won’t it turn on? Well, the answer is simple: you’ve run out of battery life.

For many of us, running out of battery life is the cherry on top of an unhappy day. And app makers have certainly sought to deal with this problem, developing dozens upon dozens of apps to save battery life. But out of all these apps, which ones are truly effective? Well, in this article, we’re going to answer that question by reviewing the top 10 battery-saving apps on Google Play’s app store.

#1. DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver is the best battery saver app in the Android store. Upon startup of the app, it offers several different modes for you to choose from, among others Phone Cooler, Monitor, and Boost. You can easily change your phone mode at will, choosing either from several pre-existing modes (sleep mode, for example), or customize your own personal mode. By clicking on the button marked “Optimize”, you can easily optimize background applications and processes so that they take up less battery life. It will shut down or disable apps, turn off unused utilities, change display settings, reduce brightness, and so forth.

#2. Shoreline Park, Inc’s Battery Saver


This app is ranked second in the Android store’s category for best battery savers apps. It works by turning off and disabling those apps that are taking up battery power even though you’re not using them, such as those that start without your consent as soon as you turn the phone on. This means that it can provide your phone with protection against becoming overheated, which will make your device last longer. Several power-saving modes are available, allowing you to choose the profile that fits your needs the best. Also included is a widget which, when added to the main menu, will allow you to kill the apps that drain your battery with a single button click. Ir does work a bit slowly, though, so keep that in mind when you download it.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver
Price: Free

#3. Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster


Kaspersky is well-known for its antivirus software, but it also makes the best Android battery saver on Google’s app store. It will reduce the amount of time it takes your phone to charge and will lengthen your battery life significantly. You can easily close or minimize your apps all at once, without having to turn each one off individually. It has a user-friendly interface that you will pick up quickly, and (fittingly) it doesn’t drain a lot of the battery when in use. All this being said, many users say that it takes them a while to boot up the app, which reduces productivity.

#4. Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler


The Battery Doctor allows you to get rid of all the apps that you’re not using with one quick finger swipe. Moreover, it can control the temperature of your battery and will bring it down to a cooler level, of its own accord, when it realizes that the device is starting to get overheated. It is able to do this via its accurate temperature detection features. It’s easy to use, functions even when your phone is offline, and will easily enable your battery to last much longer. On the downside, be aware that you’ll need to optimize if you close your phone and open it again. Also, ads are heavily featured on the app, which makes its interface clunky and visually unappealing.

#5. PowerPro Battery Saver


This app is useful because it closes applications that are not in use and automatically controls the brightness levels on your phone. In general, it will have the effect of slowing down the consumption of power on your phone, which will make your phone cooler to touch. As we know, overheated electronics are n’t very safe—and, not to mention, more likely to stop working and die—so this is an excellent feature offered by PowerPro. There is also the option to look at the Health Report, which will give you an overall report of how your phone is doing in terms of its battery life. You can even monitor the charging of your phone, so that you won’t charge your battery too much, thereby damaging it. However, note that the app does run on the slow side of things since it takes longer to process requests from users.

#6. Battery Saver by Techy Inc


Battery Saver works in part because of its different modes, which allow various battery saving capabilities for your device. For example, the standard pre-set battery saving mode is efficient for most uses of your phone. Being able to change the settings like this gives you a wide range of customized options. The app also works by disabling unused applications and managing app usage. The controls are simple and easy to use—they activate with one touch of your finger, so you won’t need to tap away at the screen a hundred times—and you can easily view the stages of the charge of your battery, as they change in real time. This ability, in turn, will prevent your phone from becoming overheated. Information about your battery—such as voltage, temperature, and fast charging capabilities—can be viewed directly on the app.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver
Developer: techy inc
Price: Free

#7. Wave Charger Battery Saver


Battery Saver is another one of the best Android battery savers on the market. It’s free to purchase, and will disable those apps which are causing your battery to drain. In fact, research has shown that you can use it to save up to 50% of your battery power at a time. It offers the ability to view your phone’s charging in three stages; you will be able to watch your phone’s charge as it updates, and know when it’s starting to become overcharged. It also has a shortcut option; this will allow you to turn off all unneeded utilities with the single click of a button. It gives you toggles for WiFi and Bluetooth, allows you to control the brightness within the app, and focuses on the control of the temperature of the battery. Battery Saver among the best battery saver apps also features an accurate timer that counts down how much time your battery has left before it dies. It has an intuitive, easy-to-master interface, and even includes tips on charging your phone’s battery in a safe manner. Despite these benefits, it will flood your phone with ads on occasion, making the interface more difficult to navigate.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver

#8. Avast Battery Saver


Avast Battery Saver is made by the titular Avast, which is known for its premium antivirus software. The Avast Battery Saver is of similar high quality to its antivirus and will protect your phone from dying when you need it the least. It can turn off all unused processes with a click of a button—the Stop Apps utility, to be precise—and can even accurately product how much charge is left in your battery. There are also various modes, or Smart Profiles, to choose from; each one will allow you to save battery charge for different kinds of uses. Switching from one Profile to another is quick and easy. But one disadvantage of using this app is that it will deactivate your permissions without asking you, which will cost you time and productivity when you need to open them back up again.

Avast Battery Saver
Avast Battery Saver
Developer: Avast Software
Price: Free+

#9. AC Battery Saver


AC Battery Saver is a great choice for saving your battery life because it allows you to organize your phone’s charging capacity into a three-stage plan. In tandem with its tool that monitors battery life and usage, this capacity will help you charge your phone exactly the right amount, without overcharging it. It has a phone-cooling option, so you won’t need to worry about your phone overheating, either. It offers a memory boost option; this tool lets you clean memory and improves speed by killing background tasks that you aren’t using right now. But the app does have a lot of ads, which makes using the app more difficult than it has to be.

#10. Super Battery Saver – Fast Charger 5x


This app will allow you to save a lot of battery life when using your phone. Developed by Fast Charging Studios, it enables you to turn off or disable all the apps you’re not using it. There is also a feature to kill these tasks by pressing one button. It turns on right away when you plug your phone in for charging, and you can then turn on the fast charging process. During this stage, it will turn off the utilities that you’re not using—location, data, WiFi, etc.—while your phone is charging. This is useful for when you’re letting your phone charge without actually using it. The app will also give you an accurate readout of how much charge time is left before you hit that magical 100%. But for all its benefits, note that this app isn’t compatible with every type of Android phone.

The Best Battery Saver Apps for Android

So, there you have it. If you’re looking to find the best battery saver apps on the market, then look no further than the top apps we’ve mentioned here. These apps are top rated on the Android store, and with good reason: they’re efficient, easy to use, offer multiple options for customization, and—most importantly of all—will allow you to save countless hours of battery time. These apps will even ensure that your phone remains safe and protected against the dangers of overheating and overcharging, which will make it last for a longer amount of time. How cool is that? So, consider downloading one of the best battery saver apps on this list; you won’t regret it.