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Are you looking for best torrent sites for watching your favorite movies and tv shows? Movie madness never goes out of trend for movie freaks. There are Best Torrent sites to fulfill the demands of online movie freaks. Several years ago, ordinary people didn’t have access to download their favorite movies. They had to get hold of an authorized copy. Torrent sites have changed the game and broken down the monopoly of these authorized movie dealers. In this context, it would be useful for movie lovers to know the best torrent sites available to download their favorite movies and other programs.

Kickass Torrents was a massive hit a few years ago. This site was not available since 2016, but it could be accessed via the kickass search engine proxy. This is great news for kickass fans all over the world.


thepiratebay torrent

People call this site the king of torrents and consider one of the best torrent sites. ThePiratebay authorizes over a million new users a month. This highlights their acceptance in the market. This site was developed in Sweden back in the year 2003. It should be noted that this site was developed by Gottfrid Svartholm, Fredrik Neij, and Peter Sunde. This is the most accessed torrent search engine in the world. This site is popular for the fast updates and consistency with their trust establishment. It should also be noted that Thepiratebay is a very safe torrent site to perform online file transfers through the Secure Sockets Layer. You don’t have to bother about virus attacks if you are downloading movies from thepiratebay.

OPenBit Torrent


OPenbit is entitled to provide a free and a consistent service to the subscribers with minimum ties. This torrent site has been a great public success and above all, it has authorized several copies with identical forms of services.

People believe that OpenBitTorrent is a side project of ThePirateBay. This assumption was made after realizing that both these sites have been using the same trackers for the movie download platforms. OpenBitTorrent has gained great subscriber attention over the last few years. It is surely among the top prospects that movie lover will look forward to the year 2018.


This particular site is considered to be the base of the torrentz2. Torrentz2 quit from the league voluntarily. It should be noted that torrentz2 is more like super torrent index helping people fulfill their movie and music needs. People should be aware of the fact that has nothing to do with the previous relatable site. They utilize the meta-search engine to search for good torrent copies among all the other available torrent sites. This is the specialty of this site. They scan through the rest of the sites to provide the subscriber with the best possible solution. has been developed using an advanced indexing algorithm to cope with the rapid technological development. People should realize that technology coped with capacity sets a great platform to trench the movie thirst. They state that site experiences the excess of 15 million new users a month. They have been consistent with their quality and reliability. Torrentz2 indexes over 5.5 million torrents from 76 domains. This site is expected to reach great heights in the future years while competing with the best torrenting sites.



This is yet another best torrent site with a strong subscriber background. This site went offline in May. They managed to maintain a great portfolio till May 2017 and they were pioneers in setting trends for the movie freaks all over the world. Experts predict that this site will bounce back in 2018 with a massive blow. Their active community is the key reason behind their success. It should be noted that the world famous ETTV and ETRG release groups provide pick for this particular site. This is among the super popular sites for quality and reliable torrents. The developers and the founder have made great efforts to add value to this torrent site. Their vision was clearly highlighted in the path they took while approaching the subscribers all over the world in a smooth manner.


rarbg torrent

This site entered the picture as a popular tracker torrent website based in Bulgaria. People fall in love with their attractive and user-friendly layout. They provide great support in hunting for best value movies. They have managed to win the hearts of the video pirates in no time. This site is the ideal solution for the high-quality movie and music lovers.

It is never easy to predict the demands of the subscribers in the market. There have been a plenty of torrent sites established on the internet and many of these sites haven’t been able to predict the demand of the subscribers and cater to it in a timely manner. The key point of success in the torrent industry is dependent on the capacity to provide a consistent and reliable service.

Openbittorrent runs a successful marathon in the highly competitive league. Though they are small in scale, they have the capacity to take over the giants in the market with their quality and reliable approach.


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