Android phones no doubt one of the best cell phones these days and widely popular worldwide. People use Android devices for multiple reasons and obviously, its fundamental use is to communicate with friends and family members. On the other hands, users use it for text messages, shared media files, for audio and video calls and plenty of other activities. The reason behind its fame is its user-friendly interface and reasonable price make the worthy cell phone gadget. Therefore, the young generation such as kids and teens also has their individual phones running with the Android operating system. They spend all day long on the phones and get involve into such activities that can really put them into real danger.

The business executives also provide their employees Android phones to deal with the clients through text messages and calls in order to listen to their queries. But most of the time employees use the company’s owned phones for their personal use and the company starts getting complains against the customer care representatives. Furthermore, spouses also one of the most frequent users of the android phones and communicate with the partners. However, people also want to spy on android phones for parenting reasons, to keep an eye on employees and spouses also want to keep an eye on their partners to prevent cheating.

What really make parents to spy on teen’s android phone?

Since the android phones have come to the market with such low price, young kids and teens force parents to purchase cell phones for them. Furthermore, when the phones connected to the internet, kids, and teens use instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Tinder, Snapchat, and others. Finally, they become with the activities such as text messaging that turn into sexting, teens make calls to talk with the unknown online friends and also interact with the online bullies, stalkers, pedophilias and sexual abusers. These kind threats teens may face if they are obsessed with the Android gadgets and the activities may harm teens badly.

Why employers monitor employee’s phone of androids?

Without the shadow of the doubt when employees Use Company’s owned gadgets for personal use, then the responsibility they have assigned by the employers will suffer. At the end of the day the business and the productivity start declining and the bosses have to face losses. So, employees monitoring becomes necessary for the employers and they have to keep an eye on the employee’s activities back and forth.

Spouses want to monitor Partners Android phone

Suspicious spouses also want to have an additional eye on their partner’s cell phone activities to avoid cheating. The cases of infidelity have been reported worldwide, where partners caught cheated to their spouses. Anyhow, spouses just need to use Android monitoring software in order to get their hands on partner’s Android phone activities to the fullest.

Spy on Android phones with TOS android spy app

A user just needs to install the Android tracking app on the target android cell phone of your kids and teens, employees and spouses. When you have complete the installation process user will be able to monitor the target phone gadget within no time. A user can use TOS android live call recorder to track all the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone and then save over the internet. A user can also use the IM’s social media of the Android spying app. It allows users to track the all the trendy social media apps on the target Android smartphone. A user will get their hands on IM’s messages, IM’s chat conversations, shared media files and VOIP calls.

It further enables you to send or received text messages with the help of text messages spy. A user can also view imessages, MMS; BBM chats messages and heads up tickers notification. A user can also use the live screen recording of the android surveillance app and a user will be able to do IM’s live screen recording, chrome screen recording, SMS screen recording and password chaser. A user can also track the GPS location of the target Android phone, by using the GPS location tracker. It will provide location history, exact GPS location, and safe and restricted areas of the Android cell phone.


Use android spy app and monitor the activities of teens, employees and spouses with real-time and put all of your worries to rest.