The ever-growing mobile industry is eagerly waiting to adopt new technologies and techniques to keep up with the marketing trends, especially in the iOS app development. Since we’re moving towards 2018, developers are keeping up with the latest challenges to bring a noticeable change in the coming year. The iOS trends change every year, therefore it’s advised to the developers upgrade to the trends as soon as they get introduced in the market.  Let’s take a brief look at the emerging trends that app developers need to be prepared for in the year 2018.

Swift Programming Language

Swift is an objective language which is considered to be one of the easiest languages to use. Previously Apple used Objective-C as their language, it has now been replaced by Swift language. This language has a great advantage that it can be learned and used easily by the developers. The iOS developers are advised to build apps using Swift 4 due to its convenience. It’s much faster and reliable than the previous one. The experts have predicted that Swift 4 will be used greatly in iOS app development in 2018.

iWearables and IOT (Internet of Things)

The rise of wearables has brought a revolutionary advancement in the way we perform a task. The upsurge of wearables is helpful is assisting people to manage their day-to-day business in a convenient manner. Internet of things (IoT) equally plays a part in improving the connection with the internet and technologies. The connection lets the developers break the ice between information technology and make new development for the future. Presumably, both these technologies will continue to stay ahead among the newest trends in iOS development in 2018.

Augmented Reality-ARKit

Apple introduced the ultimate ARKit framework, which allows iPhone and iPad devices to develop applications with augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D features. Apple has aimed to introduce this feature to provide a seamless experience to the users with virtual content. The sensational feature has been introduced in the gaming industry this year. The iOS industry will witness AR entry in other industries like travel, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Cloud-Based Applications Development

Cloud-based integrated apps are recently evolving in the application industry. These days’ users want the ability to get instant access to their apps and data wherever they are. The cloud-based app allows the user to do this. It provides the complete assistance of providing them the relevant information at the time of need on whichever device they are using. This feature proves resourceful for users who work remotely. These apps will reduce the memory size and give a boost to the cloud-based mobile app traffic. In addition, developers will highly improve the security concern of the users by paying special attention in this area.


The coming year will be filled with innovative trends and technologies. Apple will continue to keep up with the upcoming technology trends to provide a seamless experience for its highly valued customer.