how to keep your phone from overheating

Do you know that the internal temperature of your phone changes with the temperature of the environment? When the temperature is high, your phone battery begins to drain with drastic effect, sometimes; your phone might shut down on its own.

Apart from temperature, there are several other factors that make our phones to overheat, some of them include; Bad chargers, Running heavy file content generally referred to as Apps, high-resolution videos, and much more.
One of the major drawbacks the 21st Century phones faces is overheating. This has coursed emotional disorder towards so many phone users at the point when they really needed their phone to perform an important task.
Since attention has been called on this, the part you are meant to play is to gradually follow the tips on how to keep your phone from overheating

Always Keep Your Cell Phone in a Cool Place

This doesn’t mean keeping your phone in a refrigerator; it simply means keeping your phone in air room condition while you use them.

Avoid direct sunlight on your phone. If you think your pulse or pocket is cooler, make use of them and make sure to always keep the temperature of your phone stable.

Remove Unnecessary Cases and Pouches

During summer the temperature is always high, at this period of time; your phone doesn’t need extra-fancy loaded cases a simple leather pouch will do. This is to reduce overheating at an optimal level.

Do not Use While Charging

Avoid the usage of your phone when you charge, this is a very good way to use the phone. When you charge and use your phone the tendency of overheating is always high, and this will cause the processor to become static. The outcome of your phone might be nothing to use in full potential again. This is because the lifespan has been depreciated.

Anytime your phone is charging, it normally converts some of the power into heat. However, keeping it plugged in power while using it at the same time will cause it to get hotter. The best option you’ve got is to charge fully before use. This will reduce overheating and you will also enjoy using your phone.

Moreover, there might be instances when your phone becomes extremely hot, pull out the charger, switch it off, allow it to cool for a while then switch it on again, and then charge.

Always Clear Junk Files and Cache

Whenever your phone has excess junk files, the processor slows down and your data can not be easily accessed. At the same time, when the cache (the data your phone creates by itself) has piled up, your phone also slows down. All these result into overheating and it can only be optimized by:

a. Manual closing of all the apps that are running on your phone. This also saves battery.

b. Using a CPU professional cooler app with only a simple click on the app. This app help in closing all the underground apps, junk files, and cache running through the phone.
Follow the listed point above on how to keep your phone from overheating, and then I can bet for an outstanding result.