iPhone emulator for PC

iOS emulator is a type of electronic detailed program. This program enables computers to act similar to some different system known as a guest. Acting that way computer is able to run software & apps of the other guest system on it. These emulators are designed specifically for the developers to test apps as well as other programs. Alternatively, it can be said that these are the type of virtual machines supporting operations of different applications while belonging to some other type of operating system & running seamlessly.  These emulators are able to run different applications from specific operating systems or from multiple operating systems.

These also include Windows, Mac, Android; iOS etc. emulators enable Windows for running any type of games, iPad apps, iPhone apps and other similar stuff. These can be run from laptop or windows computer. You can easily access these without any problem or expected flaw while running on the Apple devices. Using simulators and emulators, apps can be tested during their development so that these can be debugged. Following are some of the best emulators that are regarded as one of the iPhone emulators for PC.


This is an emulator for iPhone apps. It is also a tester to help in developing the cross-platform native apps of iOS. This is basically an enterprise management platform that is fully featured. It is capable of providing benefits such as reducing cost, increasing productivity, removing dependency and providing solutions for strategic mobility. There are complete debugging options to handle all type of iOS apps. It is quite useful for apps developers to work flexibly with it and to develop apps. Following are the superb features of this smart face iPhone emulator for PC;

  • Support plugin for extending apps with smart face
  • Enterprise plugins & services
  • Single code base for javascript
  • WYSIWYG editor for designing
  • Javascript library

Air-iPhone Emulator

This iPhone emulator for PC is an alternative to other emulators that is capable of replicating GUI graphical interface of iPhone. For running this emulator you need AIR frame which will make this application work. It is not known to be fully functional but it provides great apps running experience that is far superior to many other iPhone emulators for PC. It runs apps better than a real device.  It also has the ability for that of complete reproduction.

Mobi One Studio

Another iPhone simulator that is great for Windows and PC. It is also an emulator functioning program for iOS. It works to develop mobile apps cross-platform for both Android and iOS systems. Apps of this emulator are built on the HTML-5 hybrid app model via Cordova Gap open-source framework. Native iOS applications can be easily built with Mobi One and can also be used at any place and with any device due to its compatibility.  iPhone emulator for PC is good for building status notifications for desktop, for sharing apps as well as web links through email, for configuring apps for running over iPad and iPhone. Other purposes include those for branding with the custom icons, viewing the status of apps with its App center view progress & project completion.