Write For Us


1) Choose A Related Topic

As a rule, TechLoopy is dedicated to readers inspired by technology and self-development. We are always looking for unique and remarkable content, so if you have an idea, please us with your talent. Send us your ideas and opinions and we will publish your work on our site.

2) Be Creative

Good writing is in fact straightforward written work. Even when writing for professional audiences, maintain a strategic distance from platitudes and language. Read, re-read and strike out reiteration, evade or clarify social references and any acronyms you use. Your post must not have any plagiarism and you have to ensure it that it’s never been published anywhere. You consent to with us that you will never ever publish your post after our approval anywhere.

3) Word Count & Formatting

For all intents and purposes, our content is for the most part around 1200-2000 words in length so ensure your content is at the very least 1200 words.

  • Send us your posts as perfect HTML/DOC reports.
  • Divide your post into short, simple to-skim sections.
  • Emphasize your primary focuses by making them strong.
  • Use subheadings for each significant point and stamp them with h2 labels.
  • Attach pictures as well as YouTube recordings identified with the content.
  • End your post with an effective conclusion and an open inquiry to interact with readers and encourage remarks.

4) Links

You can promote your site or blog and social profiles in the writer’s byline or in article content – we permit two backlinks in there. The links should be extremely identified with the content and must be increased the value of the article, not for limited time matters. So that, we do welcome links to different sources in the body as long as they enhance readers’ involvement.

5) Write For us Again

Remember that written work for TechLoopy is a continuous open door. If your post got acknowledged once, the pleasure is all mine to write for us again and if you keep on writing you may join our group and later on turn into a TechLoopy full-time writer. Gather your skills and experience, build your online reputation, get links, and elevate your site to our readership!

6) Make sure it’s not Promotional Only

Our only focus is quality content that is enlightening and useful for our worldwide audience. If you are looking to advertise/promote your product or service check our promoting offer.